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7 Days of Bible

We are so excited that you are taking this step in your faith journey. Read below to learn what 7 Days of Bible is all about.

Journeying with God

Welcome to the 7 Days of Bible reading plan - an exciting journey to explore God's Word and draw closer to Him! Each day, we'll dive into different passages, discovering essential truths, and finding encouragement for our lives. So, grab your Bible, find a cozy spot, and get ready to encounter God's love, guidance, and purpose!


For the most enriching experience, consider setting aside a quiet time and place for reading. A peaceful environment allows you to focus, reflect, and listen to what God may be speaking to your heart. Keep a journal and pen handy to jot down insights, questions, or prayers that arise during your reading. Journaling helps deepen your understanding and fosters a personal connection with God's Word.

If you prefer digital resources, consider downloading the Bible app (linked here). It provides easy access to various translations, devotionals, and study tools to enhance your reading experience. With the app at your fingertips, you can engage with the Bible wherever you go.

So, as you take this next step of faith, seek God's wisdom, guidance, and love through His Word. As you read, open your heart to receive His truth and let His Word transform your life. Tomorrow you'll receive the first reading via text message. Happy reading!

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