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The Book of Haggai Week 3 - How God Works in the World

Your choices matter to God as He partners with His people to establish His Kingdom. Take inventory of your life and make intentional steps toward obedience to experience the blessings God has for you.

The Book of Haggai Week 2 - Greater Glory

What do we do when we're discouraged about how things look? According to Haggai, the answer is to find hope in the greater glory to come.

Confidence in God

So many Jesus followers react with GREAT OFFENSE and DEFENSE when the "non-Jesus" world wrongs or offends them. However, this is the exact OPPOSITE of what Jesus invites us to do. Today, we learn that if we have confidence that GOD IS IN CONTROL, we will be freed up to REACT with uncanny love...and ultimately be more effective in the mission that Jesus has given us.

Early Church

If the general population heard that church people were showing up to something in their daily lives, would that be good news or bad news? The Early Church demonstrated that Jesus was GOOD NEWS for every part of life. And this is still the mission of our church today.

Wise Builder

In "Season 2" of our "Make it Make Sense" series, we are beginning with Jesus' stories: the parables. When we lose heart, we don't need to be convinced of anything. We need to be woken up. And Jesus does just that through his stories. He wakes us up to receive his promises and live in fullness of life.


The most moving stories happen in the context of some kind of pain. Although we tend to avoid suffering, the Book of Esther shows us that God SHOWS UP in the midst of suffering writes stories we would have never imagined. The most amazing stories in our lives will happen not through us FORCING an outcome, but through us being FAITHFUL to the mission.

New Year Message: Hope & Transformation

Happy New Year! 🎆🪩 As we allow our staff and volunteers to have a break this weekend, we want to offer you some encouragement. In this video message Pastors Mike and Paul lead us in a couple of questions to help us look back on the past year, and ahead to the year to come.

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