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Church People Week 3 - We Need Us

Listen in as we explore what community among church people should look like. How did Jesus want church to be done? How can we learn to value and prioritize healthy community in our own lives?

Why Read the Bible?

Even people who have been "Church People" for years can struggle to understand the Bible. In this message, Pastor Mike helps us know where to start.

How He Loves - Week 2 - Caiaphas

How does Jesus love? What if His love sometimes looks like correction? Today we're in the second week of the How He Loves series and Pastor Mike is introducing us to the next villain of the story.

The End, The Beginning

American Christianity gets really weird when it talks about the End seems to always focus on fear, current events, and geopolitical interpretations. Good News: The focus of the Bible is different. While there's some sobering stuff about the End Times, the Bible teaches us that ultimately, the focus of End Times teaching is: Encouragement. It's pretty simple: Jesus is coming back...and he wants you to be with him when he makes all things new.

Parable of the Sower

Are we willing to set aside our preconceived notions of God and hear what Jesus says? The world looks at some people and thinks, "There's no chance for them." But to Jesus, they are worth a try...and he is willing to GENEROUSLY shower the seed of his word into their hearts. If we are willing to hear, Jesus says that he will bring LIFE into our lives that we could never imagine.

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