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What Does the World Want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas - Part 1

"What do you want for Christmas"? That question gets asked every year and with all the confusion about what Christmas is really about, maybe it's a great question for us to ask together. In this 4 week series, we'll ask this question from 4 different perspectives. In part one, we'll be asking, What does the World want for Christmas?

Jesus is Not a Patch

In Season 2, we continue to make sense of our story by making sense of the story of the Bible. Today, we look at a story that Jesus told about how simply ADDING him to what we've already got going is not only not best, but is DESTRUCTIVE. And...that's actually good news - because he's got something better than what you've got going.

The Shepherds

The Angels announcement to the shepherds that a Savior had been born was pretty hard to ignore. So is the mercy and peace that God brings to you today.

Simeon & Anna

Invited even though rejected.

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