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How He Loves

Most of us know that the Easter story demonstrates Jesus' love. But have we considered that in the Easter story we see Jesus show love even to the worst people in the story?

How He Loves - Week 1 - Judas

Today we're starting a new series called "How He Loves." It's all about how Jesus demonstrated love even to the worst people in the Easter story. This week we learn how Jesus showed love to Judas even though He knew Judas would betray him.

How He Loves - Week 2 - Caiaphas

How does Jesus love? What if His love sometimes looks like correction? Today we're in the second week of the How He Loves series and Pastor Mike is introducing us to the next villain of the story.

How He Loves - Week 3 -Pilate

How He Loves - Thief on the Cross - Week 4

How do we reconcile our life experiences with a good God? Is God still good when life is bad? Join Pastor George Holleway as we learn from the story of the thief on the cross.

Easter 2024: How He Loves Especially You

After Jesus' resurrection, Peter was wrestling with the guilt of having denied Jesus three times. But Jesus had a special invitation for him. The same invitation is for you too.

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