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Learn what it means to be a Jesus-follower by getting to know Jesus himself. In this series we explore the life and teachings of Jesus and see how that defines what we believe and how we behave as Christians and as a church.

Messiah and King

Jesus is God's Son and our Messiah and King. Jesus as Savior and King is the fundamental starting point for following Jesus. We hold this truth closely and everything else wraps around this.

Beyond Rules

Jesus - Part 2: Beyond Rules

Jesus defined sin as anything that harms you or others. We usually think of sin as breaking God’s rules or laws. But God’s didn’t give the law because he likes rules. He gave the law to protect and honor people. All sins are not equal in their effects and every sin has built in consequences. To follow Jesus is to live a life of daily repentance and learn from the Holy Spirit how to love God and love our neighbor as ourself.

Dealing with Hurt and Injustice

When faced with hurt and injustice, we've heard people suggest everything from "eye for an eye" to basically letting yourself be treated like a doormat. But what does Jesus call us to do? Thankfully, in Jesus, we can address injustice and hurt in a way that neither minimizes their gravity nor allows them to consume or define our lives.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Jesus died for your sin to reconcile you to God. Many people often wonder why Jesus had to die. Why doesn’t God just forgive and forget? The Bible teaches that the penalty for sin & rebellion against God is death. As much as we want justice for others, if God truly gave equal justice, you and I would have to die. Jesus came to take that penalty on himself as a sacrifice of atonement. God upholds Justice and Jesus takes the penalty on himself… to redeem and save you.

Jesus - Did He want churches? - Part 5

The church is God’s agent of transformation for each us personally, in our community, and throughout the world. If we were God, we would probably not have entrusted the good news to us. But that’s exactly what happened. But the church is filled with flawed people and our culture is rapidly running away from the church. Now more than ever the world needs the church. We need the church too!

Jesus - Sacraments - Part 6

Jesus taught us to celebrate baptism and the Lord's Supper, but what are they? Today Pastor Paul explains the grace that is offered to us through these gifts.

Jesus - Serving - Part 7

Jesus said that when he served, it was like FOOD to him. It nourished him, filled him up. But so many of us are SO busy and SO worn out, serving just sounds...tiring, like ANOTHER thing to do. Today, we hear some really good news: Serving in Jesus' kingdom begins with Jesus serving us! And from there, serving doesn't lead to burn out, it leads to joy and purpose.

Jesus - Between Two Trees - Part 8

Revelation 21 and Genesis 1 look pretty similar. We’re not floating on clouds and singing hymns forever. We are living in resurrected physical bodies in a new heaven and a new earth without sin, pain, or death anymore.

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