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The Book of Haggai

The prophet Haggai spoke to the people of God during a time of rebuilding. Their lives had been turned upside down and they were trying to rebuild, but they needed a check on their priorities; and they needed encouragement. The lessons Haggai taught apply to our lives today as we work to build our lives on the right priorities.

The Book of Haggai Week 1 - Do It Today

What do you tend to put off? And why? Today, we begin a short series in the Book of Haggai. The people of God were putting off what God had for them… for 16 years! Why?

They were pouring their energy into something else…while God’s temple lied in ruins. But the good news: God promised to be with them. Before they restarted, before they got their lives together, he promised to be with them. And that gave them the power to walk in God’s purpose for them.

The Book of Haggai Week 2 - Greater Glory

What do we do when we're discouraged about how things look? According to Haggai, the answer is to find hope in the greater glory to come.

The Book of Haggai Week 3 - How God Works in the World

Your choices matter to God as He partners with His people to establish His Kingdom. Take inventory of your life and make intentional steps toward obedience to experience the blessings God has for you.

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