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In this series we discover what the real unshakable foundation of our faith is. If you're someone who has written off much of faith, this is a series for you. We're cutting through the fog that clouds belief and getting to the basics that we can truly count on.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Jesus wants his people to have an unshakeable faith. Typically, people who stop believing in God walk away from a particular version of God. But what if they have the wrong version? What if you have the wrong version? If you’ve walked away from faith or religion, it could be that your version of god never existed in the first place.

What is the Real Foundation?

Before the Old and New Testaments were combined and called the Bible, the debate about the Christian faith centered on an event, not a book. We believe Jesus rose from the dead, but not because the Bible says so. We believe because of the testimony of eyewitnesses who gave up everything— including their lives— because of their confidence in Jesus.
Before you abandon your faith, it’s worth exploring this question: What if the Bible isn’t the foundation of the Christian faith?

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