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Church People Week 4 - Created for Awe

What if discovering a sense of awe for God could be contagious in our city? Today Pastor Paul shares about how the early church did just that.

Church People Week 3 - We Need Us

Listen in as we explore what community among church people should look like. How did Jesus want church to be done? How can we learn to value and prioritize healthy community in our own lives?

What is Church?

Jesus - Did He want churches? - Part 5

The church is God’s agent of transformation for each us personally, in our community, and throughout the world. If we were God, we would probably not have entrusted the good news to us. But that’s exactly what happened. But the church is filled with flawed people and our culture is rapidly running away from the church. Now more than ever the world needs the church. We need the church too!

What does your neighbor want for Christmas?

Have you ever seen someone give a really BAD Christmas gift? Was it because they didn't know the person they were giving to? Or because their heart wasn't in it? Or were they just clueless? This Christmas, what are the people around you longing for? Into today's message, we learn what can give them by discovering what the REAL reason for the season is...and it's probably not what you think.

Press On - Mission

The key to PRESS ON and win in the midst of suffering is this truth: You are:
A Saint (Set apart)
On a Mission
With Others


Have you ever met someone that later you wish you’d never met? Is there a person you wish your husband, wife, son, or daughter had never met? Sometimes people are our greatest regrets because they influence us to ignore our guardrails and step into the danger zone.

The Apostle Paul

It would be difficult to identify a single person more influential in the spread and theology of the early church than the apostle Paul. But Paul considered himself the greatest of all sinners. It’s remarkable how God chooses to use surprising and unlikely people to advance His kingdom and powerfully carry the good news.

Early Church

If the general population heard that church people were showing up to something in their daily lives, would that be good news or bad news? The Early Church demonstrated that Jesus was GOOD NEWS for every part of life. And this is still the mission of our church today.

Wise Builder

In "Season 2" of our "Make it Make Sense" series, we are beginning with Jesus' stories: the parables. When we lose heart, we don't need to be convinced of anything. We need to be woken up. And Jesus does just that through his stories. He wakes us up to receive his promises and live in fullness of life.

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