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The Book of Haggai Week 1 - Do It Today

What do you tend to put off? And why? Today, we begin a short series in the Book of Haggai. The people of God were putting off what God had for them… for 16 years! Why?

They were pouring their energy into something else…while God’s temple lied in ruins. But the good news: God promised to be with them. Before they restarted, before they got their lives together, he promised to be with them. And that gave them the power to walk in God’s purpose for them.

Press on towards Contentment

Is is possible to be content IN a situation even if you are not content WITH the situation? In other words, is it possible to be OK even when the situation is NOT OK? Today, we wrap up the Book of Philippians as the Apostle Paul talks about the Secret of contentment...and ultimately the goodness of God's unearned, unending love.

Press On Towards Imitation

You ARE imitating is simply a question of who? And someone is imitating is simply a question of what you are giving them to imitate. Thankfully, the letter to the Philippians gives us an example of what it looks like to be sincerely humble AND live a life worthy of imitation. And it begins with setting our eyes on what Jesus has done for us.

Press on Toward Humility

The word humility can be a confusing word that is often misunderstood. But Humility is one of the most important characteristics that God wants his people to have. So what is it and how can we practice it?


Guardrails are designed to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off-limit areas. They minimize damage by keeping us in the safety zone. But the highway isn’t the only place we need guardrails. Stepping away from what has the potential to harm you is stepping in the direction of the One who loves you. God isn’t trying to keep you away from something; he is drawing you toward someone—himself.

Jesus is Not a Patch

In Season 2, we continue to make sense of our story by making sense of the story of the Bible. Today, we look at a story that Jesus told about how simply ADDING him to what we've already got going is not only not best, but is DESTRUCTIVE. And...that's actually good news - because he's got something better than what you've got going.

Jeremiah & Daniel

“Make it Make Sense,” is about making sense of our story in light of God’s story. Everyone loves a good story. In fact, our entire lives are shaped by the stories that we believe about ourselves and the world around us. God has wired us that way which explains why the Bible is filled with stories. In fact, if you have eyes to see, the Bible tells one grand overarching story. And you are a character in God’s story.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

Today’s message is about how the "heroes of the faith" tell a story not only of faithfulness, but of severe dysfunction. We see the same pattern we see in our lives:
We get controlled by deep fear or desire.
We try to FORCE an outcome to avoid risk.
Lives get destroyed.
Thankfully, their lives and ours are not identified by our mess, but by God making it all new...and changing the world through us.

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