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How He Loves - Thief on the Cross - Week 4

How do we reconcile our life experiences with a good God? Is God still good when life is bad? Join Pastor George Holleway as we learn from the story of the thief on the cross.

How He Loves - Week 3 -Pilate

How He Loves - Week 2 - Caiaphas

How does Jesus love? What if His love sometimes looks like correction? Today we're in the second week of the How He Loves series and Pastor Mike is introducing us to the next villain of the story.

How He Loves - Week 1 - Judas

Today we're starting a new series called "How He Loves." It's all about how Jesus demonstrated love even to the worst people in the Easter story. This week we learn how Jesus showed love to Judas even though He knew Judas would betray him.

Assume the Best

As we conclude this series, there's one more essential ingredient that makes up happy relationships: Trust. Join us as we explore 1 Corinthians 13 and Paul's appeal to express love through Trust.

Cast Your Cares

It's simple, but it sure isn't easy. People in happy relationships make a decision to put each other first and to stop trying to pull their hopes and dreams out of the other person.
But what do you do when your hopes and dreams aren't coming true? What do you do when you're frustrated and angry in your relationship? The first step is to stop praying polite prayers and bring your honest hurts to your Heavenly Father.

Submission Competition

What's on the list? In every relationship, but especially marriages, we each have a list of expectations we bring to the relationship. Then we hold that over the other person and rob the relationship of joy. This week, it's time to stop talking and listen as you ask the other person: "What's on your list?"

Hopes, Dreams, & Desires

We all have hopes, dreams, and desires for our relationships but it’s easy for those to turn into expectations. This can result in unhealthy relationships, but the way of Jesus offers something better.


We need personal guardrails so we don’t stray into areas of life that can harm us or the people we love. If there’s one area in which personal guardrails are most needed but also most resisted, it’s in our relationships. Let's talk about setting up guardrails to protect you from an area that is often loaded with regrets - Sexuality.


Have you ever met someone that later you wish you’d never met? Is there a person you wish your husband, wife, son, or daughter had never met? Sometimes people are our greatest regrets because they influence us to ignore our guardrails and step into the danger zone.

Herod & Joseph

What would you do if you came home and found a baby left on your doorstep? Whatever your response, you probably couldn’t just ignore it. The same is true for Jesus. When we look at his claims and calls, we can reject or receive him, but there’s not much room for pretending like he’s not there. Although his presence might feel threatening to things we’ve come to value, Jesus didn’t come to take away what is valuable. He came to give us something better than what we’ve settled for.

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