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Church People Week 5 - Why Love Katy

What does it mean to radiate Jesus’ values to a lost and dying world? In this message, take a look at the biblical definition of The Church and give practical applications for today on what it means to supply and serve the needs of the people around us.


When you think about Jesus’ teaching on finances, how do you feel? Do you feel defensive? Do you think, “Oh good!” We all have some weird feelings about money, but today, we see that Jesus is GOOD NEWS...even for finances. The main thing is this: God wants something for you in your heart more than he wants something for your finances. Jesus's teaching helps us have life and freedom and joy no matter our financial situation. And that's good news.

The Parable of the Talents

In "Season 2" of our "Make it Make Sense" series, we are beginning with Jesus' stories: the parables. When we lose heart, we don't need to be convinced of anything. We need to be woken up. And Jesus does just that through his stories. He wakes us up to receive his promises and live in fullness of life.

Palm Sunday

For some reason, God keeps choosing to engage with the world through flawed people. Today, we see that Jesus enters the scene on a path paved by his friends. And..Jesus will enter people’s lives on a path paved by YOU. Why does God use flawed people like us? The answer is probably better news than you think.

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