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Church People Week 5 - Why Love Katy

What does it mean to radiate Jesus’ values to a lost and dying world? In this message, take a look at the biblical definition of The Church and give practical applications for today on what it means to supply and serve the needs of the people around us.

Church People Week 4 - Created for Awe

What if discovering a sense of awe for God could be contagious in our city? Today Pastor Paul shares about how the early church did just that.

Jesus - Serving - Part 7

Jesus said that when he served, it was like FOOD to him. It nourished him, filled him up. But so many of us are SO busy and SO worn out, serving just sounds...tiring, like ANOTHER thing to do. Today, we hear some really good news: Serving in Jesus' kingdom begins with Jesus serving us! And from there, serving doesn't lead to burn out, it leads to joy and purpose.

The DRIFT to Legalism

Nobody likes it when people act like legalistic...yet, we are all prone to drift into legalism if the right topic comes up. Today, we spend some time in Galatians to learn how to NOT be legalistic while living the life Jesus calls us to live.

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